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Episode 0 - Intro from Host Mike Mortlock
Mike Mortlock - Property Investing Podcast

Host Mike gives a quick intro on what the podcast is all about. It's less than two minutes, because we want to get straight into the good stuff! The short story, if you prefer the written version, is that it's conversational, not too serious, unbiased and fun. Hopefully plenty for beginners and experts alike.

Episode 1 - Interview with Pete Wargent
Pete Wargent - Geared for Growth Podcast

Pete Wargent, Co-founder of Allen Wargent Property Advisory and renowned finance and real estate author, talks about how he came to be one of Australia's leading financial and real estate commentators and shares his philosophy of wealth creation.

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Episode 2 - Interview with Paul Sonntag
Paul Sonntag - Geared for Growth Podcast

Paul Sonntag, a buyers agent and owner of Aquus Property Buyers, gives great insights into the types of properties he looks for. We talk about how to select growth markets, building equity through renovation, achieving long-term capital growth and much more.

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Episode 3 - Interview with Christine Williams
Christine Williams

Christine Williams is the principal of Smarter Property Investing. Christine is a property investor herself, buying her first property at the age of 18. Christine humbly shares her mistakes, mindset shifts and successes along her property investing journey.

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Episode 4 - Interview with Simon Pressley
Simon Pressley - Geared for Growth Podcast

Simon is the founder of Propertyology and is 3x buyers agent of the year. Simon is a media darling, famous for his sharp suits and even sharper research. We discuss property economics fundamentals and why affordability is the number one driver of property prices.

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Episode 5 - Interview with David Ferguson
David Ferguson - Geared for Growth Podcast

David is the Managing Director of Strata Plus and what he doesn't know about strata property isn't worth knowing. We chat about the new strata laws in NSW, what investors need to know about strata titled property and whether units are a good investment choice.

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Episode 6 - Interview with Chris Gray
Chris Gray - Geared for Growth Podcast

Chris Gray is a property investing expert and host of Your Property Empire on Sky Business. We chat about the fundamental drivers of property price appreciation and his best advice for investors starting out with a modest salary or savings record.

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Episode 7 - Interview with Patrick Mears
Patrick Mears - Geared for Growth Podcast

Pat is the founder and owner of Rubix Realty, a business which focusses purely on property management. Pat runs through the duties and responsibilities of property managers and chats about his successful landlord clients and what they do differently.

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Episode 8 - Interview with Hamish Geddes
Hamish Geddes - Geared for Growth Podcast

Hamish Geddes is a senior associate with Nexus Lawyers. Hamish specializes in construction law and walks us through the dispute process, common complaints and best of all how to avoid a building dispute in the first place by protecting yourself.

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Episode 9 - Interview with James Freudigmann
James Freudigmann - Geared for Growth Podcast

James Freudigmann is a co-founder and director of PMC Property Buyers. We chat about his background as a valuer and how that helps him source well-priced property for his clients. We chat about off-market transaction and how he got his start as an investor.

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Episode 10 - Interview with Luke Murdoch
 Luke Murdoch - Geared for Growth Podcast

Luke Murdoch is a real estate agent and project marking specialist with First National Real Estate Newcastle. Luke shares his insights into how developments are marketed and how to ensure you are getting a good deal whilst protecting yourself at the same time.

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Episode 11 - Interview with Brett Warren
 Brett Warren - Geared for Growth Podcast

Brett Warren is the only property expert we know that can do a handstand push up. That is impressive enough but as chief property strategist at Metropole Brisbane, he is an expert in investment property selection and portfolio building.

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Episode 12 - Interview with Dimitri Taylor
 Dimitri Taylor- Geared for Growth Podcast

Dimitri Taylor is a big picture guy. Sure, he is an investment property specialist but finance goals come first and the actual properties come a very distant second. We chat with him about his philosophy, freeing yourself from debt and much more.

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Episode 13 - Interview with Tom Momsen
James Freudigmann - Geared for Growth Podcast

Tom Momsen is to chinos and check shirts what a toaster is to bread in the morning. Fashion aside, Tom is an owner of Armcrest Financial Advice and a gun financial planner. We chat about income protection, goal setting, nasty direct debits and how to retire early.

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Episode 14 - Interview with Charles Tarbey
 Charles Tarbey - Geared for Growth Podcast

Charles Tarbey is one of the godfathers of Australian real estate. Not so much the Tommy gun in the violin case type but certainly the head of a huge and powerful organization. Charles is the chairman and owner of Century 21 real estate Australasia. Need I say more?

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Episode 15 - Interview with Kayleigh Kilgore
 Kayleigh Kilgore - Geared for Growth Podcast

Kayleigh Kilgore is the licensee and Director of the Good Property Company. We chat about the whole property management spectrum from start to finish and Kayleigh shares some great tips on how to develop a solid relationship with both your tenant and property manager.

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Episode 16 - Interview with Luke Harris
 Luke Harris - Geared for Growth Podcast

Luke Harris is the CEO of The Property Mentors, a business specialising in educating property investors and assisting them to grow their portfolio. Luke bought is first property at 20 and has done everything from buying in mining towns to subdivisions and developments.

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Episode 17 - Interview with Darren Hunter
 Darren Hunter - Geared for Growth Podcast

Darren Hunter of, is a property management trainer, speaker, and consultant. He spends his life teaching Property managers how to kick bottom. We delve into the industry and uncover some gems on how to work with great property managers.

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Episode 18 - Interview with Peter Mastroianni
 Peter Mastroianni - Geared for Growth Podcast

Peter Mastroianni is a property finance expert, author, and host of his own podcast he Rentvesting Podcast. He also runs Loans Only, which is a mortgage broking business. We chat with Peter about his investing, rentvesting as a strategy and more.

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Episode 19 - Interview with Heather Stevens
 Heather Stevens - Geared for Growth Podcast

Heather Stevens is a climate change expert and an accomplished investor. She bought her first property at 24 and continues to expand her portfolio. We discuss the impacts of climate change on the property market and the implications for investors. A fascinating listen.

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Episode 20 - Interview with Corissa Dimitrakopoulos
 Corissa Dimitrakopoulos - Geared for Growth Podcast

Corissa Dimitrakopoulos is a renovation strategy expert and CEO of Refurb to Sell. Corissa is blessed with boundless enthusiasm and unleashes herself on renovation projects for her clients. She works with both homeowners and investors to increase equity and rental returns.

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Episode 21 - Interview with Marty Sadlier
 Marty Sadlier - Geared for Growth Podcast

Marty Sadlier is an expert Quantity Surveyor and Founding Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors. In this shamefully incestuous interview (Marty is Mike's business partner), I chat to Marty about all things estimating. From sinking funds, to contract milestones, disputes, and insurance.

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Episode 22 - Interview with Jo Chivers
 Jo Chivers - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jo Chivers is the Director and Founder of Property Bloom. Jo demonstrates her expertise in property development as we discuss her property investment past, how she got her start in development and how she helps her clients achieve equity in their portfolio developments.

Episode 23 - Interview with Kieran Clair
 Kieran Clair- Geared for Growth Podcast

Kieran Clair is an award-winning journalist, former head of API magazine and has two decades of experiences as a property valuer and investor. In this interview, we chat with Kieran about the state of property journalism in Australia and the role it has in shaping the market.

Episode 24 - Interview with Rob Southwell
 Rob Southwell - Geared for Growth Podcast

Rob Southwell is a Managing Partner at Pitcher Partners Sydney. Rob is a Former Announcing Executive of the year winner and an accounting guru with a passion for property. We chat about Capital growth trends in the market and where opportunities for investors are likely to be.

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Episode 25 - Interview with Philippe Brach
 Philippe Brach - Geared for Growth Podcast

Philippe Brach is the CEO of Multifocus properties and finance. Philippe is a published author and an investment property Guru. Philippe shares some tips from his books about making money in any market and his tips for succeeding as a serial property investor.

Episode 26 - Interview with Craig Cobb
 Craig Cobb - Geared for Growth Podcast

Craig Cobb is the founder and head trader at TraderCobb. Craig is a trading expert with an investment portfolio of his own. We chat about his entrepreneurial upbringing and he gives us the low down on Cryptocurrency and what's happening in the crypto space!

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Episode 27 - Interview with Belinda Smith
 Belinda Smith - Geared for Growth Podcast

Belinda Smith is a Director of Renovate and Real Estate, and a renovations specialist. We discuss the rise in renovation shows and how she used renovation to climb the property ladder. We also discuss managing trades and not over capitalizing to get great a result.

Episode 28 - Interview with Leanne Pilkington
 Leanne Pilkington  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Leanne Pilkington is the managing director of Laing+Simmons, founder of the Real Women in Real Estate and an industry heavyweight in the real estate industry. We chat about her success, her work on behalf of the Real Estate Institute and investment tips.

Episode 29 - Interview with Cate Bakos
 Cate Bakos - Geared for Growth Podcast

Cate Bakos of Cate Bakos Property is the winner of Best Buyer's Agent in “Your Investment Property magazine”, and a published author. We chat with Cate about purchasing her first property at 21 and what those hot areas are doing with property prices.

Episode 30 - Interview with Julie Crockett
 Julie Crockett  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Julie Crockett is the CEO and Founder of Australian Property Investment Solutions. In this episode, Julie shares her insights into how to select a property that matches the local demographics and how she conducts her research to identify growth areas.

Episode 31 - Interview with Andrew Woodward
 Andrew Woodward - Geared for Growth Podcast

Andrew Woodward is the Founder of Investors Way and has 25 years experience in finance. Famous for his article “Why you shouldn’t pay off your mortgage”. We talk to him about what that means and how he helps his clients achieve their financial goals.

Episode 32 - Interview with Jacob Field
 Jacob Field  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jacob Field Founder of Ripehouse who has been a property investor for 15 years. We talk about how Ripehouse works and why he started the platform. He discusses how his clients are getting up to 25% growth in their first year of ownership.

Episode 33 - Interview with Luke Moroney
 Luke Moroney - Geared for Growth Podcast

Luke Moroney is director of First Time Property Investing and Search Party Property Buyers Agency. He bought his first property in the suburb of Blacktown and admits he made mistakes many first time investors still make. At the time, Luke didn’t know what he was looking at or his reasons to buy the property.

Episode 34 - Interview with Michael Yardney
 Michael Yardney - Geared for Growth Podcast

Michael Yardney is the CEO and founder of the Metropole Property Group of Companies. Michael has been investing since the 70s. While attending university, Michael worked at Portmans and managed to save for a deposit. With the help of his parents, he bought a house.

Episode 35 - Interview with Dr Tony Hayek
 Andrew Woodward - Geared for Growth Podcast

Dr Tony Hayek is the founder and CEO of Blue Wealth Property. Tony has been at the forefront of property research for decades and has unique insights from the world of property development as well. Tony shares his knowledge on how to find growth markets and high-performance properties.

Episode 36 - Interview with Arjun Paliwal
 Arjun Paliwal  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Arjun Paliwal is the director of Investor's Kit, a buyer's agency. He is now a high performing investor, who earnt a 6 figure salary in his early twenties and has accumulated a 9 property portfolio. Learn how his company helps others do the same.

Episode 37 - Interview with Ricky Briggs
 Ricky Briggs - Geared for Growth Podcast

Ricky Briggs, director of Briggs Auction Services, Bon Villa Property Management and Auction Guru. With thousands of auctions under his belt, he shares with us the tips and tricks to help you navigate the ins and outs of the world of auctions.

Episode 38 - Interview with Jack Henderson
 Jack Henderson - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jack Henderson is a 22 year old property investor who puchased his first investment property at the age of 18. Age is just a number for Jack, as his success has equipped him with experience and knowledge about the industry that's taken him this far.

Episode 39 - Interview with Michael Ossitt
 Michael Ossitt - Geared for Growth Podcast

Michael Ossitt is the director and founder of STRAND Property Group. He is a qualified architectural engineer, a buyer's agent and has worked his way to financial freedom. He shares his story and gives advice on how to source properties that fit for your portfolio.

Episode 40 - Interview with James Trethewie
 James Trethewie  - Geared for Growth Podcast

James Trethewie rose to fame outside of financial planning recently in his quest for love on reality TV show, The Bachelorette. With his father being a financial planner, the Yale and USC educated James followed in his footsteps and now works for AFP, a member of the FPA.

Episode 41 - Interview with Eddie Dilleen
 Eddie Dilleen - Geared for Growth Podcast

After growing up in rentals and low-income housing commissions, Eddie Dilleen worked his way from McDonald's worker to property owner and investor. By the age of 25, Eddie built a property portfolio to the value of $2.1 million dollars

Episode 42 - Interview with Shane Oliver
 Dr Shane Oliver - Geared for Growth Podcast

Dr. Shane Oliver is the Head of Investment Strategy and Economics at AMP Capital Investors Limited and Chief Economist. Shane is quite passionate about Kylie Minogue and the property market, he shares some great insight on both.

Episode 43 - Interview with Rich Harvey
 Rich Harvey - Geared for Growth Podcast

Rich Harvey is the CEO and founder of Property Buyer. He became a property investing expert and shares how he overcame some headwinds in his own property investing journey to rebuild his portfolio and gives some great advice around his own strategy.

Episode 44 - Interview with Malcolm Gunning
 Malcolm Gunning  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Malcolm Gunning is the principal of Gunning Real Estate and the president of the Real Estate Institute of Australia. We chat about the political hot potatoes going around in the property industry at the moment, as well as how the Chinese market and its influence on the Australian market.

Episode 45 - Interview with Veronica Morgan
 Veronica Morgan - Geared for Growth Podcast

Veronica Morgan, co-host on the Lifestyle Channel, The Elephant In The Room Podcast and one of Australia's leading Real Estate experts. Sydney based property expert and Principle of Good Deeds Property Buyers, Morgan discusses property and low-risk markets to invest in

Episode 46 - Interview with Jane Slack-Smith
 Jane Slack-Smith - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jane Slack-Smith is the founder of Your Property Successis a respected author, media commentator and property coach. We chat about her approach to property investing, such as buying under market, renovating to increase equity and purchasing based on growth. This is truely an illuminating interview.

Episode 47 - Interview with Anthony Alabakov
 Anthony Alabakov - Geared for Growth Podcast

Anthony Alabakov is the CEO and founder of My Mortgage Freedom they're a brokerage company. He works with a lot of high net-worth individuals. We have a chat to him about how brokers work, how he can get the best deal for his clients, the finance world post the royal commission and post APRA.

Episode 48 - Interview with Christopher Bates
 Christopher Bates  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Chris Bates is a mortgage broker, financial adviser, the founder of Wealthful and the co-host of the Elephant in the Room podcast. He gives us some great advice about how to begin our planning journey, property market fundamentals and drivers that ensure that we have a framework for analyzing our properties.

Episode 49 - Interview with Scott O'Neill
 'Scott O'Neill - Geared for Growth Podcast

Scott O'Neill is the founder of Rethink Investing, his wife and him have a massive property portfolio in the tens of millions of dollars by the age of 31. They were both able to retire at age 28 and enjoy a solid passive income from their property portfolio and are able to travel three to six months of the year.

Episode 50 - Interview with Jay Anderson
 'Jay Anderson - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jay Anderson is the director and owner of Jay Anderson Property. We have a good chat to Jay about his background in the hotels' industry, both from the business analysis point of view and an acquisition point of view. There are some great parallels for property investing that he's learned along that journey as well.

Episode 51 - Interview with Byron Miller
 'Byron Miller - Geared for Growth Podcast

Byron Miller is the managing director and principal of Asset Agents, in the Sunshine Coast. We chat about his background in real estate, how he became an investor at 20 years old, and we really tease apart the Sunshine Coast Market. We also talk about many of the opportunities for investors.

Episode 52 - Interview with Melissa Maimann
 Melissa Maimann  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Melissa Maimann is a Buyer's Agent, we chat to her about how she serves both investors, owner-occupiers, and renters in the property market and she shares some great insights about how to select a property that all three are interested in. She also shares some great advice about selecting a property.

Episode 53 - Interview with Daniel Walsh
 'Daniel Walsh- Geared for Growth Podcast

Daniel Walsh started investing at the age of 19 and at 27 had a property portfolio with 9 properties evaluated at over $4 million. We chat about his mindset as a youngster and the types of properties that he's chasing and how he does his due diligence , the areas he selects and how he selects properties.

Episode 54 - Interview with George Morice
 'George Morice- Geared for Growth Podcast

George Morice is a partners at Prime Partners Accountants. He shares his financial literacy education as an 8-year-old and an interesting way that his father taught him the value of patience and money, he also shares great insights into doing the due diligence on an investment property like an accountant.

Episode 55 - Interview with Tommy Segoro
 'Tommy Segoro- Geared for Growth Podcast

Tommy Segoro is the founder of Easy Buyer’s agent. Tommy, got his first investment property wrong. We dive into the reasons why that investment was a failure for Tommy and how he was able to bounce back. We chat cultural background that he comes from and how that influenced his purchasing decisions.

Episode 56 - Interview with Luke Bailey
 Luke Bailey  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Luke Bailey is the founder of Fourtier Buyer's Agents. He's very generous in sharing the reasons why the properties didn't double in the first seven to 10 years as it was expected. We also talk about his chance with a property investing guru, which set him on a different path.

Episode 57 - Interview with Chris Orr
 'Chris Orr- Geared for Growth Podcast

Chris Orr is a real estate agent with Savills Real Estate in Sydney, he works with the prestige property market, so properties that are transacting in excess of $10 million sometimes. We have a chat to him about the differences between the high-end residential property and your average property market.

Episode 58 - Interview with Drew Evans
 'Drew Evans- Geared for Growth Podcast

Drew Evans talks with us about the risk in construction contracts with builders and how he secures land under market value and generates that instant equity and the value of pulling the resources of his investors' group, and the volume to be able to secure deals that are difficult for the average investor to look at.

Episode 59 - Interview with Jarrod McCabe
 'Jarrod McCabe- Geared for Growth Podcast

Jarrod McCabe is the Director at Wakelin Property Advisory. Jarrod has a fantastic background in property valuation so he's a very analytical chap when it comes to selecting property. We also chat to him about some of the oversupply issues with apartments in Melbourne.

Episode 60 - Interview with John Russell
 John Russell  - Geared for Growth Podcast

John Russell who is the Managing Director and founder at Accumlify Wealth. He has a chat to us about some of the key ways that people at different stages of life can grow their wealth, a few tips for saving and we have a chat to him about the types of properties that he looks to inject into his clients' portfolios as well.

Episode 61 - Interview with Oliver Jackson
 'Oliver Jackson- Geared for Growth Podcast

Oliver Jackson, founder of Living Property. He's a buyer's agent, and we have a chat to him about the strategy that he is employing to get fairly instant equity in his investments, over a short timeframe in this market. He gives us some great insights about how he got to where he is and the projects that he's working on.

Episode 62 - Interview with Claire Corby
 'Claire Corby- Geared for Growth Podcast

Claire Corby is the founder of Capital Buyer's Agency. We have a chat about her background in accountancy, how she became a buyers agent and how she got into property, but really zoom into the Canberra market and some great tips on what investors need to be looking out for if they're investing in the ACT.

Episode 63 - Interview with David Johnson
 'David Johnson- Geared for Growth Podcast

David Johnston is the Founder and Managing Director of Property Planning Australia. David is a mortgage broker but far more than that, he's a property planning specialist. We talk about all of the boring but very important stuff! It's a great interview on the planning side of investing in property.

Episode 64 - Interview with Sam Gordon
 SAm Gordon  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Sam Gordon is the Director of Australian Property Scout. We have a chat to Sam about how he got his start in investing in property at 19 years old, the types of properties that he's purchased since then to get to 18 total properties as well.

Episode 65 - Interview with Kiani Mills
 'Kiani Mills - Geared for Growth Podcast

Kiani Mills, is the CEO of KLM Conveyancing. We go through the whole process of purchasing a property, from the exchange of contracts to understanding the cooling-off period and settlement. As well as some advice for those who are looking to purchase a property.

Episode 66 - Interview with Jordan de Jong
 'Jordan de Jong - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jordan de Jong is a property investor and data science expert. We take a deep dive into some of the things that are featuring in the real estate market, and will in the future from a technical point of view, such as big data and machine learning.

Episode 67 - Interview with Melinda Jennison
 'Melinda Jennison - Geared for Growth Podcast

Melinda Jennison is the MD of Streamline Property Buyers, a buyers agency specialising in Brisbane and located in Brisbane. She has a lot of experience in the development side of property and we speak to her about the due diligence that she goes through.

Episode 68 - Interview with Ramon Mitchell
 Ramon Mitchell  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Ramon Mitchell is a buyers agent and founder of Gault & Co. He provides some great insights into some of his advocacy work with property managers and on the strata committees as well, and we dive into some property market economics fundamentals and due diligence.

Episode 69 - Interview with Goose McGrath
 'Goose McGrath - Geared for Growth Podcast

Glenn 'Goose' McGrath, is a buyer's agent and founder of Dashdot Buyer's agents. We have a chat to him about his past life as a hard-living, festival running chap burning the candle at both ends and his decision to leave that life behind and get into the property game.

Episode 70 - Interview with Shannon Holmes
 'Shannon Holmes - Geared for Growth Podcast

Shannon Holmes is the founder and director of Quickstay, which specialises in short-stay accommodation management. We talk a little bit about the major hotel booking platforms and of course Airbnb and how he works within the Airbnb system.

Episode 71 - Interview with Peter Koulizos
 'Peter Koulizos- Geared for Growth Podcast

Peter Koulizos is the property professor on the Property Planner, Buyer and Professor Podcast. He's also an academic at the University of SA. Peter shares some information about his research, and we talk specifically about gentrification and identifying property.

Episode 72 - Interview with Matt Knight
 Matt Knight  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Matt Knight isthe founder and director of Precium: Buyers Agents. Matt is based on the New South Wales South Coast and we look at the property that he's buying and what are the drivers for that market. Matt shares some great tips on how property investors can further their property investing journey.

Episode 73 - Interview with Lisa Parker
 'Lisa Parker - Geared for Growth Podcast

Lisa Parker is the Director and Founder of Parker Buyers Advocates. She provides some advice on how to select a buyer's agent, and just some fundamentals on how to make sure that you are selecting the right property and not falling foul of some of the typical mistakes.

Episode 74 - Interview with Richard Evans
 'Richard Evans - Geared for Growth Podcast

Richard Evans is the founder and buyer's agent from Fortune Property Finder. This episode is Newcastle centric, as its been a property investment hotspot. We chat about the lay of the land as to all the different pockets around Newcastle and what investors need to look for.

Episode 75 - Interview with Peter Toma
 'Peter Toma- Geared for Growth Podcast

Peter Toma is a buyers agent and founder of Elite One Property. We cover off how his engineering background helps with his due diligence, how he's built his portfolio and many other property investing fundamentals surrounding growing your portfolio.

Episode 76 - Interview with George O'Brien
 George O'Brien  - Geared for Growth Podcast

George O'Brien is a buyers agent and founder of Future Property Co. George is a young lad that has kicked some serious portfolio goals in a very short time. He takes us on a deep dive to where he got started, his light-bulb moments and he shares some awesome advice for both seasoned and beginner investors alike.

Episode 77 - Webinar with Pete Wargent
 Pete Wargent  - Geared for Growth Podcast

*Webinar* This is a recording of a live webinar with Episode #1 Guest Pete Wargent. The webinar was recorded on the 8th of April 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pete shares his wisdom on the likely domestic and global economic impacts, walks us through the key indicators as well as the outlook for the Australian property market.

Episode 78 - Interview with Brooke Flint
 Brooke Flint  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Today we are chatting with buyer’s agent Brooke Flint from Flint Property. Brooke is a gun B.A. with a sales background who specialises in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We chat to her about how buyers’ agents even the playing field for buyers when negotiating with sales agents and how she assists buyers to find killer deals.

Episode 79 - Interview with Ben Plohl
 Ben Plohl  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Ben is the founder of BFP Property Buyers and has spent over fifteen years buying real estate, both personally and now professionally. We chat to Ben about his first property purchase at the age of eighteen and how he quickly learned the benefits of investing in real estate.

Episode 80 - Webinar with Cate Bakos
 Cate Bakos  - Geared for Growth Podcast

*Webinar* This is a recording of a live webinar with Episode #29 Guest Cate Bakos. The webinar was recorded on the 22nd of April 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cate shares her wisdom on the time to be buying an investment, what you should do if you need to sell to maximise value, and what investors should be focusing on right now.

Episode 81 - Interview with Elaine Davies
 Elaine Davies - Geared for Growth Podcast

Elaine Davies is a buyer's agent, author and founder of New Road Property. We chat to her about all things real estate, publishing and how she became so passionate about helping people, especially women, that find themselves exposed financially after separation, especially if they have left work to raise a family.

Episode 82 - Webinar with Jacob Field
 Jacob Field - Geared for Growth Podcast

*Webinar* This is a recording of a live webinar with Episode #32 Guest Jacob Field. The webinar was recorded on the 6th May 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about the survey he sent out to 146 property experts, where they see the biggest impact from a property sector point of view on the back end of the pandemic.

Episode 83 - Interview with Stefan Angelini
 Stefan Angelini - Geared for Growth Podcast

Stefan is a property developer, financial advisor, podcast host of Investor Types and Director of Angel Advisory. We chat to him about his journey pre property development and how he became so passionate about financial analytics, the stock market, and what his motivation was starting up his podcast 'Investor Types'.

Episode 84 - Interview with Peter Karoglanis
 Peter Karoglanis  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Peter is the owner of Rent, Sell, Buy, Move. We chat to him about the importance of presenting your property in a certain way when you're wanting to sell, the value of between tenancy renovations, and the best bang for buck when it comes to renovating or improving your investment property.

Episode 85 - Webinar with Chris Gray
 Chris Gray - Geared for Growth Podcast

*Webinar* This is a recording of a live webinar with Episode #6 Guest Chris Gray. The webinar was recorded on the 13th of May 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris shares his thoughts on whether there is going to be a property market crash, the opportunities for investors and what strategies investors can use to grow their wealth regardless of what the market is doing.

Episode 86 - Interview with Matt Srama
 Matt Srama  - Geared for Growth Podcast

Matt Srama is an ex professional athlete turned property investor and now buyers agent. We have a chat to him about his life as a youngster, transitioning into becoming a professional athlete and how he got started in property investing.

Episode 87 - Webinar with Hayley Mitchell
 Hayley Mitchell - Geared for Growth Podcast

A webinar with Property Management training guru, Hayley Mitchell is all about residential tenancies and everything you need to know during the pandemic. We have a look at what we can do about tenancies that are not paying rent, what happens when our tenants don't want to vacate and discuss what financial support there is available for yourself, the landlord and the tenants.

Episode 88 - Interview with Jon Ellis
 Jon Ellis - Geared for Growth Podcast

Jon Ellis is the founder and CEO of Investorist which is a platform that connects developers to property marketers who are able to sell off the plan apartments to their clients. I asked him to give us a tour on how development marketing works and how people can make their money from a commission point of view.

Episode 89 - Webinar with Jay Anderson
 Jay Anderson - Geared for Growth Podcast

A bonus podcast episode which is the recording of a webinar with commercial property investing guru and episode 50 guest, Jay Anderson. Jay is the director and owner of Jay Anderson Property and we discussed what was happening with commercial tenancies during the pandemic, how to get started with commercial property investing, how to minimise the commercial vacancies and how to undertake due diligence.

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